Tempering the Fried Rice

since i got back from sunday, ikuko from japan had arrived to visit. and since she didn't want to come along, she brought her brother. and she basically dumped him on us. dumped on us for a place to stay, while she stays somewhere else. at her old host family or somewhere.

first off, ikuko isn't the normal type of japanese person you'd meet. she is extrememly social and extremely outgoing. so she's always messing around with those around her. and since we've all studied japanese, i guess she thinks that she is helping us by making sure we always talk japanese around her. "no no no.. say in japanese.."

secondly, ikuko knows english quite well. ikuko's brother, kengo, does not. he knows a few words at best. and she's usually off visiting friends or something, so he's around here without a great means of communicating with us. this makes things a little more interesting.

yesterday i wasn't home a whole lot, and when i was, i was shacked up in my room making my statistical methods cheat sheet. today was different, i was actually home during the day. so i got to talk with them a little bit, and discover the hardships of foreign communication. eh, we got by.

kengo used my rice cooker to make us some fried rice. instead of oil, i gave him vinegar so the whole house stank of that smell. ugh, but i don't know how he did it, but out of the stink cloud came some quite delicious fried rice. he started off in the pan with the vinegar and some corn simmering. and then he added in the egg, which he had in a bowl before hand.

he used 5 eggs for 4 cups of rice. i use about 4 eggs for 2 cups of rice. maybe i could learn something here... i wasn't closely watching this whole process so i'm guessing a little bit. somewhere in this recipe he uses ketchup! crazy... out of the 4 cups of rice, i think he uses maybe 3/4 per dish and made 2 at a time. it was very sticky too. my rice is kinda sticky, but not like this. high quality.

kengo and ikuko also washed the rice before hand, which have never done. so now i know how to do that. he cooked the rice, and then let the rice sit in the cooker for a little while before using it. he let it cool down, unlike my process where its peepin' hot. another useful observation.

well anywho, i tried to say to him that i'd make 'em my fried rice on thursday. and i think he got the idea. ã?ã?ã?㝮Fried Riceã?ã??ã??㝝ã??ã?㝳㝫ã??㝤㝝ã??ã?? or something like that. i think 㝤㝝 is the verb i should have used, though. i can't remember all those verbs. i've been out of japanese for almost a year now. this whole broken discussion took place on the way back from spamm tonight, btw. kengo wanted to come with. ^_^

it's quite interesting how earlier today and even yesterday, i was pretty much turned off of japanese. i just kept saying, "man, i don't remember any of that. its almost been a year since japanese." i think if i had things to do over again, reworking my whole platteville could have gone alot smoother. but i'm having fun none the less ^_^.

its pretty interesting, how i've pretty much forgotting japanese as anytype of future endevor. but little tidbits drawn me back in here and there. i mean, i get an import game and play it, and once again i'm immersed in the language and lovin' it. when i watched gto live action through, i once again felt good in that language enviroment, like i knew what was going on. and even now, forced to communicate nihongo its starting to come back somewhat naturally here and there.

i'm not sure what i should do about japanese language. this whole fandom works in tiny doses, but i think if i never completely cultured it, it will be a huge waste. i mean, long term. i still plan on studying abroad. and i'll probably take japanese 103 or 104, which ever, before i go to refresh. but after that, then what. well, where ever i end up, hopefully it'll be in a city with some strong japanese connections. eh, who knows. perhaps at the end college, everything'll fit together.

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