Pow Wow

so, today i was 'required' to attend a pow wow, because i'm in intro to ethnic studies with carl allsup, who is indian, i guess. i suppose thats not really a nice way to put it, but i'm not quite sure how to describe him. he is extremely confident and proud about his mexican/american indian background, but at the same time defense, like he needs to prove himself as one for some reason. meh, anyways...

he loves the pow wow, and quite has quite an unspoken voice about how great they are, and that everyone should enjoy them. but in actuality, how are they REALLY so different than a convention, being slightly more specific in context i know of and for example, an anime convention. is it really so different because a pow wow is an expression of sacred heritage and an anime convention is an expression of a deep interest? of course, heritage is important, it's about the past. but what about interest, which can/do control and shape your future.

both a pow wow and an anime convention have people very deepy involved and passionate about them. of course, i should clarify what i mean by anime convention. in this context i'm not thinking of what companies see what anime conventions are, which would be gigantic cash cows. i see an anime convention as an opportunity for artists to come together and talk about ideas and animation, talk about what they believe a properly told story is. and also to watch other people's favorite anime, and have them tell their feelings behind it. its not just being a fan of something, its having an opinion and identifying it with others through a medium. though, most outsiders see it as a 'nerd' convention, a waste of time, or something just plain stupid. people being a fan of the current fad. thats not how i feel towards anime.

one of the main problems with the argument of a pow wow v. an anime convention is that a pow wow means something specific to everyone and its not understood, whereas an anime convention is different for everyone, and as the generations and mediums change. of course, this is from an insiders perspective. i have no idea if and/or how much the meaning of a pow wow has changed thoughout the course of centuries.

in the end, i feel that there isn't a great difference between a pow wow and an anime convention. its all based on the interest of the participant. and me? i'm not actively interested in native american culture. i look at it as something to be respected, but i don't see how carl allsup forcably methods of making think a pow wow is some great thing, when its really based more on interest. and to some degree beliefs as well.

well i suppose this came out a little too incoherent after all .. oh well ^_^

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