Phantom Brave impressions. (4)

gametime: 26hrs or so

man, coming back to phantom brave from tales of symphony is a little difficult. tales of symphonia may be extremely simple but it contains all the aspects of what make an rpg fun and interesting to play. In tales of symphonia, you actually get to explore the world around you. you actually travel, rather than point and click. thats something that i really miss when playing phantom brave.

in phantom brave and disgaea, the gameplay is so focused on battles, that they neglect the fundamental aspect of exploration and searching for items. phantom brave and disgaea are basically just battle engines with other stuff fit into the game somehow.

i'm not too sure how much more of phantom brave i'll be playing after i complete the storyline. we'll see. i really should finish tales of symphonia though since i'm getting close to half way through.

the reason i liked phantom brave so much initially was probably because the last rpg i played before it was disgaea, rather than a traditional rpg-like game. i still like phantom brave though, mostly for the art and characters.

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