Metal Gear Solid 3 Impressions

Gametime: 4 hrs. 45 min.


Metal Gear Solid is the type of game series that screams quality. Metal Gear Solid 1 was quite good. so good that everyone was killing themselves to get a hold of Metal Gear Solid 2 when it came it. so much that Metal Gear Solid 2 made Zone of the Enders a common game among gamers. but when Metal Gear Solid 2 came out, people felt screwed out of the deal not being able to play Snake. plus MGS2s story was so completely off the wall, it made people lose interest to a degree, despite it being a fantastic game.

Metal Gear Solid 3 came out with a less hyped release, in my opinion. i hear things about people wanting to play it, but not wanting to shell out $50 for the purchase. i wasn't all that interested until i started reading some things about people who have actually played the game, and then the jewel ontop of all their good reviews was a 39/40 famistu rating. quite decent.

about a week and a half after i got home from break and played through a couple ps games that i got, i went out and rented Metal Gear Solid 3 from blockbuster, where they had a pretty slick rental deal. "no more late fees". blah blah blah.. this is sidetracking.

Metal Gear Solid 3 is amazing.


unlike the previous Metal Gear Solids, MGS3 takes place in 1964 and its story is based off of the Cold War between the US and Russia. MGS3's story rewrites the ending of the Cold War as a trade between the US and Russia. US would take the win, but would have to give Russia back one of its top scientists, Sokolov, who is the chief developer of a new land based tank capible of firing nuclear weapons. basically Metal Gear, however they name it something else. So Snake's stealth mission is to retrieve Sokolov back for the US. However, complications happen and the story develops.

Gameplay additions

Metal Gear Solid 3 plays just like its predecessors, except with a few new things to be aware of. Since MGS3 takes place in 1964, all of your gadgets are products of 1960s technology, ergo no fancy radar that allows you to see all of your enemies, and vision cones. You have other devices, instead, that make it a little difficult if you're used to the radar.

Metal Gear Solid 3 main introduction is camoflauge. Switching your clothes to hide yourself in the enviroment. i'm sure most of you know enough about this one.

howevery, Metal Gear solid 3 also introduces Stamina. to lead a healthy adventure you must eat to be at your top most health. food is all around you, its that bird in a tree, that crocodile in the swamp, or that pesky venomous snake that bites you with poison while your trying to kill people. you can capture some animals alive, but some of the bigger ones you have to kill in order to get their meat. eat fish, animal, or reptile has their own degree of tastiness which determines the amount of stamina you recover from eating it. also, some glowing mushrooms you find in caves recharge your bateries.

Metal Gear Solid 3 also introduces personal damage. When you get shot, you have a bullet hole in you, and you have to cure yourself. use the knife to dig out the bullet, disinfect the wound, stitch it up, and then bandage it. you can also get cut which requires stitching, bandaging, disinfecting, etc; burnt which requires oinment, and bandaging; and you can also have leaches attached to you from the swamp which you burn off with your cigar.

this game is quite in depth on an individual level, its really neat.

anyways... i suggest you guys check it out. i'll add more to this later.

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