Import Watch: Wanda & the Colossus + Radiata Stories

These are two games that i've been watching for a little while now that have really got me interested and just the other day, there was a little bit of press on each of them ^_^.

Wanda & the Colossus / Playstation2 / 2005 japanese release.

created by the same team that brought you ICO. I'm interested in this game because of their previous game. how many of you guys have played ICO? I remember a couple years ago when it first came out, and stu came to visit in platteville and we played the game all weekend long. but he kinda ruined the game for me because he wouldn't stop talking about it. "omg ICO *squirt" every 5 minutes.

its a great game, i just didn't like it for a while, but i think i'm over it. perhaps the fresh air away from deciv has cleared some of the annoying fandom. maybe this weekend if i have time, i'll go through the game again. ^_^ anyways

the ICO team has a very unique philosophy when designing their games. "keep it simple stupid" as explained at their panel at the game designer conferrence earlier this year. Keep your goals and objectives clear and simple for what you want the game to be and excel at them. don't add in unnecessary things that only confuse and detract the end user from the goal of the game.

Ico was indeed extremely simple. the basic goal was to escape the castle with the princess in tow. The premise behind Wanda & the Colossus is also extremely simple from what i've read. The whole game is based off fighting the Colossus. as Don has previous said, "the game seems to be just one big boss fight". This is a very unique concept for a game. simple. i'm really interested to see how it turns out.

here are some of the new screenshots:

as always, the graphics look phenomenal. i hope Wanda can provide the same type of atmospheric transendence that ICO was so great at. "you felt like you were in someone's dream while playing this game," is one of stu's slogan's for the game ^_^.


Radiata Stories / Playstation2 / January 27th, 2005 japan release.

on the other side of the coin, we've got Radiata Stories. a spiffy looking rpg type from the creators of Star Ocean 2 + 3, and Valkyre Profile. thats right, Enix. I originally became fond of this game by looking at screenshots from the tokyo game show. here are some of the new ones:

the game looks quite beautiful. much more refined graphics than that of tales of symphonia. All the characters, enemies, and enviroments (from what i've seen) keep that same style and touch rather than putting cellshaded characters in non-cellshaded enviroments. this game looks great.

as far as gameplay, it looks like it plays much like Star Ocean or Tales of Symphonia where battles are realtime. hopefully more refined than Tales of Symphonia though.

this game comes out in game on January 27th next year. its about time Square started releases games much like they did back on the playstation. games like Threads of Fate and Brave Fencer Musashiden which were fun to play and quite good.

putting Final Fantasy aside, Square hasn't really done anything with the ps2 like they did with the ps. the Bouncer was terrible. Unlimited Saga was the worst game they've ever made. the only real gem was Kingdom Hearts and now they're blowing that out of proportion with sequels and other games, not like money wasn't the original objective to begin with.

but then again, Radiata Stories is more an Enix game, not square. Enix hasn't had a great track record so far either, putting Dragon Quest aside. their ps2 was quite terrible, Drag-on Dragoon or Drakengard. Even though, i eventually grew fond of it thanks to it's crazy messed up story. the gameplay was horrid.

anyways, Radiata Stories looks neat, though not enough good things that i'd really want to import it just yet. maybe if it were square instead of enix.

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