well, it is the end of classes for today, with some good news and bad news. good news being that my software class is cancelled for tomorrow which means extra sleep tomorrow morning, plus extra time tonight to get completely caught up with homework, and maybe a little final fantasy? ^_^...

other good news is that alot of my modern algebra assignments came back complete. i've got assignments 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6 completely done, and only 3 problems left on past assignments to fix. and then another 10 new problems as today's assignment. looks like it just might be an easy modern algebra week. phew.

bad news? .. actually i suppose there really isn't any. i ended up getting an 87 on my statistical methods exam which makes me mad, but after thinking about it. i'm not that mad. thats not that much lower than a 90. i can still hold this 4.0 semester together.

tonight it seems that with all this homework, i'm going to hafta make fried rice tomorrow instead of today. too much work. i've got something due in everyone of my classes sometime this week.

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